Jun 282016

Having a horse can be quite amazing; you can bond with them and even make them your best friend. But always remember that sometimes, a horse can be quite complex and requires a lot of attention and extra effort in taking care of them. This includes feeding, grooming, training, keeping them healthy and bonding with them. When you are going to buy a horse, the seller would even give you some tips on taking care of them. Check out pure falabella horses online com.



  • Provide a grooming area for your horse, you can put it just outside its stall. Whenever you are trying to groom your horse, wear some clothes that is easy to wash because sometimes it can be quite a messy job. You could also tie your horse so it does not wander around while you are trying to groom it.
  • When cleaning the coat of your horse, it is advisable to use some rubber curry brush. Rub it gently in a circular motion along its body. Horses have very delicate skin so avoid using it on their face and legs.
  • To remove the dust from the surface of their coat, you can use a dandy brush. Use a flicking motion in moving the brush to prevent it from staying on their skin that may cause irritation.
  • Pay attention to their hair, too. You can use a body brush to smoothen its hair and make it looks nice and shiny.
  • Observe the horse’s hair and check if it needs to be trimmed. If it does, use an electric clipper to trim her hair but avoid using it on her face or body. You will just startle the horse that would end up getting an injury.
  • Check the hooves of your horse. Bend its leg and use a hoof picker to remove any tiny objects or even rocks on it. It is also advisable to trim your horse’s hooves from 6-8 weeks to keep them healthy and kicking.
  • You could also bathe your horse. Rinse your horse with warm water and start shampooing its hair. After your rinse the shampoo, use a conditioner and massage it using a curry brush then rinse your horse thoroughly.
  • Always remember to provide your horse plenty of water. Avoid giving your horse dirty and frozen water.
  • Your horse eats a large quantity of hay so make sure you provide plenty of them. Normally, they eat 15-20 pounds of hay every day.
  • Make sure that you will feed your horse 3 hours before you’re planning to make an activity with her. Do not also feed your horse right after the activity because the blood flow may just interfere with the digestion and cause further problems.
  • Provide grains for your horse, they can have ½ pound of grain every single day. If the weather is hot, make sure to feed her the grains during the cooler hours such as early in the morning or in the evening.


These are just simple tips in taking care of your horse. There are plenty of things you can do on your own in taking care of your pet. If you want to purchase one, visit buy shetland ponies online and look through horses that could be your best friend for the next couple of years.

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